Why do we blog

Blogging is a great tool to use because we can learn how to share our work with the world! If you have just written it in a book then who would read it apart from you and the teacher and maybe our parent if we ever take our book home?
Also if you have your own blog you can learn how to use the computer in a different way, like instead of just searching for things we can learn how to make links like this: www.teamroom8.blogspot.com
we love managing our own blogs because they don't only have to be boring and all just words they can be fun and we can learn how to add lots of little gadgets like fish and a shark and lots and lots more!
By Ruby!!!


Hi Ruby Here,
Sorry bout the wait for the next post but here I am in year 8 at JHJC.
I really like it there. I just came back from my year 8 camp at Deep cove. I had an amazing time it was beautiful there we had only one night of rain and that was all.

We saw some beautiful sites we climbed up hanging valley, stella falls and helena falls.

I would really reccommend other people to go there it was AMAZING !!!! ;-)


Myross Bush School

I am a year 6 at Myross Bush School. This is my last year at a primary school.
Next year I will be going to James Hargest.
Some of the best things about being at Myross Bush School is getting to participate in all sorts of events like Moffet Cup and athletics.

I liked all the lovely teachers I have had over the 6 years, they have been really nice and have helped me alot with my learning, if it weren't for them I wouldn't know all the stuff I do now.

I liked both the principals that I have had Mrs Walker and Mr Lovelock.

The changes and the school have made the school a bright friendly learning enviroment.

I wish I could learn at Myross Bush school rather than going to Intermediate.

Thank You

Reflection On The Week

This is the second last week for the year and it is my second last week of primary school. 
We have finished the school mural that I was a part of painting.
We each got to make an icon for it and it represents something about our school like kids or stuff that is in our school community and we have stuck them on to the big mural boards.
I am really excited but unfortunatly I can't share any pictures or any more information with until next week.


Sculpture Texture poster

For our sculpture art we have chose which sculpture  we are making for the garden. We made a poster on a key element of sculpture, I made mine on texture. This is the sculpture we are making:

 Here is the poster I made on Texture with Holly and Cameron:

Daily Five

We have started a new thing called Daily Five,
There are 5 tasks we have to complete in one day (But you don't have to finish them all in one day)
Some of the options are:

Read to Someone:
Where you have to read a chapter book or a picture book (with a real story.)

Listen To Someone:
Where you listen to someone reading who is reading to someone.

Word work:
Where we have to work on our rocket spelling level and activities.

Work on writing:
Where you have to work on some free choice writing or do a post on your blog.

Read To Self:
Where you read a chapter book or literature circle book or book from home to yourself.


Chapter Challenge

We have started this new thing in room 8 called Chapter Challenge (Click here to visit website)
On it we have to lots of different activities on a book we have read or are reading.
These are the things I have done so far:

Characters in the book:
Oliver, Oliver's Dad, Oliver's Mum, Witch Baby, Jake, Colin, Hattie, Pippi, Mitch, Harvey, Lucy, Carly, Eric, Bogey Wort, Sukie Swishcloak, Scott Shuffleslick, Marcus, Granny Moon, George, Oliver's Bat and Mrs Swishcloak.

The problem:
Oliver's Mum invites the people Oliver DOESN'T want at his party.
Some of the solutions are
1. Postpone the party,
2. Put up with it,
3. Pretend to be sick
4. Cancel his party and have a separate party with his friends.

My prediction is that for the next book it could be: 
"Oliver Moon Grows Up"
or " Merry Christmas Oliver Moon."

Poster Advertising Oliver Moon's book:


Reflection Post

Abseiling by Ruby D
We made a poster on something we did at camp and I am doing abseiling, we had to create a poster explaining what we did step by step.
Here is the poster I created on abseiling and what we did step by step.

Camp reflection

On the 21st to the 24th of November, the year sixes went to Borland lodge for their end of year camp, we had Adventure Southland come for 2 days and take some activities.

I really enjoyed camp. I especially liked having Adventure Southland come and take activities, my favourite thing that they took was rafting and abseiling.

I didn't like the fact that we had to wake up so early in the morning, because we were up so late at night.

I also enjoyed getting lots of free time, because we got to play around camp and EXPLORE!

If I was able to change the camp a bit, I would have Adventure Southland come for longer, because I really enjoyed having them come.

Some advice for next years campers is don't get tired on the first day of camp because you really need your energy, get a good sleep the night before so don't talk to much at night, and have fun!!!


What has been happening

This week for inquiry, for my sculpting we made wire sculptures and I learnt that wire is very hard to work with and takes time and patience, we had to make something that represents our face.
Mine looks ugly.
Next time for Art we are making fork sculptures and then after the year sixes have come back from camp we are making a BIG sculpture for the school


The four key elements of Art


This week on Monday we had Pet Day.
The Ukelele, Recorder and aerobics people preformed in the afternoon.
I got second in the lamb drinking race, and third in the judging.

Also this week we got a new learning plan and this is what it looks like:
We have to complete these things before Thursday lunch time.


Once there was an egg

Once there was an egg,
the egg couldn't crack,
he tried and tried,
he even rolled off the edge of a cliff (or thats what he thinks)
he jumped up and down,
his brothers and sisters teased him,
he tried everything,
until one day he found out that. . .
his feet hadn't grown neither his legs or ears,
so the egg waited ans waited,
until one day he could hear and he could feel his feet,
and he CRACKED!

Here is my show me on how to use speech marks

This is a show me on how to use speech marks.

Reflection on week 2 term 4

This week we have started a Learning Plan and we have a certain amount of things that need to be done before Thursday lunch time.

We have a different learning plan according to what writing group we are in.
Some of the things we have to do are like explaining how to use speech marks on a 'Show Me' on the Ipad and post it on your blog. You can see mine above.

 For inquiry we are doing the arts like drama, music, visual arts and dance.
We get to choose 1 to do for the rest of the term and I am going to do visual arts (I hope.)


How to use speech marks

I am here today to show you how to use speech marks.
Speech marks are a way of showing that somebody is speaking.
for example:
"Thank you," replied Ruby.
When you are writing and you have somebody asking a question you always have the question mark before you put the speech marks for example:
"What did you say?" asked Ruby.
So now you know a little more about how to use speech marks.


Geometry shapes

For maths we are doing geometry with skewers and blue tack.
Here are the shapes that I made.

For the first shape there are 5 faces, 6 vertices and  9 edges.
For the second shape there are 5 faces, 6 vertices and 9 edges.


Our Production

On the 5th of october 2011, we had a production and it was based on science.
I had part of presenting.
It was at the civic theatre from 6:00-8:00.
We were sitting back stage and we got to see what was going on, on stage by a TV screen.
Al the classes made science videos and there were awards for different things.


What's happening

This week we are working on our science experiment,
I think it is going well.  We have made salt and it feels and looks very different to the normal Table Salt.  Cameron and Zach wanted to taste it and feel it and use their 5 senses with it.  They thought that our salt was much nicer than normal salt.  We are working towards getting this finished and looking AMAZING for our WOW night that is like our production but we are showing our videos at it and all the year 6's are hosting it. I think it will be great!


Water explaination

Water is an everyday thing, there are three different forms of water, they are solid liquid and gas.

Water (just the normal stuff that usually falls from the sky.) Is a liquid form of matter where the atoms move not that fast or not that slow.

If you want to turn water into ice then you need to have a temperature about 0 degrees c.

The atoms inside the water slow down and get closer when they get colder, and they speed up and go further apart when they get hotter.

Here are a few examples of frozen atoms:
Hail, ice blocks, snow, and dry ice.

So there you have it, water can be turned in to ice. Just remember that the atoms slow down when clod and speed up when hot.


Science reflection

We are doing science experiments in class, and I am finding out about how we make salt.
They will be going to be shown in the production.
The winning video will be entered into the made awards.
We are next going to be working on getting us all in the shot for the video.
Next we have to dehydrate the water from the salt water


Rhythm interactive

On the 8th of September 2011,
The whole school went down to the Myross Bush hall and there was a van parked outside,
which had the words rhythm interactive on it,
in the van there were drums (like bongo drums) inside and we got to borrow them while 2 men taught us to play them and all the teachers got involved too.


My Short Story


Bang! Bang! I could hear a loud thumping noise. I crept slowly towards the door the thumping got louder BANG! BANG! I got closer and closer, the door rushed open all my vision left me and I fainted. I slowly woke up feeling faint, I tried to scream but I couldn't say a word. My legs and arms couldn't move it was like they were glued together. I could hear footsteps, loud heavy footsteps. A few moments later I fell to the ground with a big BANG! I could see! But all I saw were two creepy guys smiling at me, one of them was wearing an eye patch with cross bones and skull on it. They leave me sitting in an old dusty attic. I could hear teeth nibbling. They didn't realize that when they went out the door they left the door open. I peeked out the window and could see them walk off down the street, so I made a dash for it I ran out the attic door and down the stairs until I found Bang! Bang! I could hear a loud thumping noise. I crept slowly towards the door the thumping got louder BANG! BANG! I got closer and closer, the door rushed open all my vision left me and I fainted. I slowly woke up feeling faint, I tried to scream but I couldn’t say a word. My legs and arms couldn’t move it was like they were glued together. I could hear footsteps, loud heavy footsteps. A few moments later I fell to the ground with a big BANG! I could see! But all I saw were two creepy guys smiling at me, one of them was wearing an eye patch with cross bones and skull on it. They leave me sitting in an old dusty attic. I could hear teeth nibbling. They didn’t realize that when they went out the door they left the door open. I peeked out the window and could see them walk off down the street, so I made a dash for it I ran out the attic door and down the stairs until I found a door that lead outside I ran out onto the street and I could see something in the distance and I couldn’t quite see what it was but I ran up to it and found out that it was a map stand. So I found my place 198 fair weather road and I followed the map so I could get home. I ran around all the bends and up the street until I could see my road so I ran down it and I could see my house so I ran down the drive-way and ran around to the front door but it was locked I looked at my watch “WOW” I said silently to myself, it is 11:00pm. I ran around the back of my house and found the spare key and I unlocked the door and ran inside, to find my mum smiling from the moment she saw me.

By Ruby


My lp goal term 3

this term my lp goal is . . .
To have a range of different strategies for all different subjects.
Because I think that I need to learn diffent strategies incase my normal one doesn't work.
I will improve by not using my normal strategy.
I would like to get better at art


Room 8's News paper

Room 8 have started a newspaper and we have called it Great Eight Times @ Myross Bush School, We have to have it printed before lunch time, on it we have a word find, how to keep safe on the internet, an article about room 8, sports results and lots more.



Emotional safety:

What are the dangers:

Name Calling, Peer Pressure, Teasing, Nasty Words, Unfair Play, Hurt Feelings, Ganging Up, Fiscal Bullying, Ruff.

What will you do to take action and keep yourself and others safe?

Walk away, tell a teacher/ parent, your friends help, find humor, make an excuse, plan it for another day but don't show up.

Why we blog

Why We Blog,

Blogs are like a digital writing book but every-body can see it not just you,                                                                                                 your teacher and maybe your parents.

Blogs can be private but some people don't see the                                                                                                                                             point in it because it would just be like writing in your book but on the computer.

Blogs are also a great way to learn how to use technology, and learn how to deal with inappropriate sites.

With blogs you can see your work from anywhere if you have to URL (address) also your parents can comment on your work also they can give you feed-back.

That is why blogs are a great tool for teachers to use, and kids to learn how to use because kids will most likely use blogs later on in their lives, so they might as well learn how to us them now.

By Ruby


Learner Profile

My learner profile is Active listening, I choose this because I need to work on not calling out and thinking harder about what my classmates and teacher are saying.

I think I have almost achieved this goal I just need to work a bit harder on not calling out.

More info to come


Skype party

On Wednesday the 8th June the year 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's from Myross Bush School skyped a school in Adelaide they shared some of there culture with us and we shared some of our culture with them we got to try some damper it tastes just like scone well it basically is but you don't add sugar they were going to try cheese rolls but they ran out of time to make them oh well.



Today we did a Spellaton to raise money for the school there was a set C which was the hardest then it was set B then set A, I was on set C, I think I did pretty good the way that we raise the money is through sponsering the sponsers can choose if they want to sponser us per word or all together.


Young Leaders

On Monday 30th at  6:00 am, the year 6's from Myross Bush School went to Dunedin for a Young Leaders Conference. A lady named Alice, and Charlie off What Now were hosting it. We had five speakers they were Pat Buckley, Alison Shanks, Adam Hall, Dave Axktion and Alison Mooney. My favourite speaker was Dave Axktion. He was very funny, he told us something that happened to him when he was skiing. It was that he was never that good at skiing and his friends were really good. So one day he thought that he would try a jump it was 20 feet long. He did that and it was fine and then he thought oh that was easy so he tried a 40 feet one. He went really high and when he landed he landed on his bottom and he pooed his pants! He was also a very good speaker and his main point was "You make your own descions nobody else does". I also enjoyed all the other speakers.

After the conference we went to the art gallery and we went with an art teacher, he taught us how to make a dye and pastel art piece that represents who we are. We had to choose 5 symbols that suit us best, we had to draw each of them bigger than our hand. After we had drawn them in pencil we had to go over the pencil lines in indian ink, then we got it dried. Then went round the edge of the indian ink with yellow dye. We did the background in a dye of our choice then we coloured in the objects with either dye or pastel. At last we were done!

After that we went to the muesum and we went into Discovery World. That is where we were staying the night. We had pizza hut pizza for tea and after a while we went to bed.

The next morning we had to wake up at 7:00. For breakfast we got to choose out of rice bubbles or cornflakes, I choose rice bubbles. After breakfast we went to the butterflies, they were beautiful. Then we went on a scavenger hunt around the WHOLE muesum. then we went to the Tangata Whenua gallery and learnt about carvings and stuff like that. Then we went to the swimming pool and we had lunch at the pool we got a cool change orange juice, an apple or orange and a roll with either roast beef, chicken or ham I choose roast beef after lunch we headed home.

Now I would like to become a strong leader!


The Mighty Buzzing Jedi

Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 10.36.34 AMHer wings flow in the strong wind, she uses her cape to fly to her secret cave.  Her pet lives there who helps her out, his name is Fluffy.  Fluffy gives her advice on what to do when she is problem solving.  She also has a strong blue sword that she holds over her shoulder.  That has a computer attached to it so that she can connect with Fluffy when she is in sticky situations. Sometimes she teams up with Sophie W's hero.


Check Out A Bit About Myross Bush School

Well to start off here is the school website click here to go to our school website.
I love going to Myross bush School. I think it has a great learning enviroment and
the teachers and principal are really nice.When Mrs Hughes leaves we will all miss her, but she said that she will be popping back in to see us every now and again.


April Fools

Hi again,
To day is April Fools Day, Rooms 8 & 7 got really pranked we got tricked that there was a helicopter coming and was going to give us rides and I was going to go first with Aisling, Devon, Karen, Ben, Travis and Wilson, so we are getting even with our teachers Mrs Wilcox and Miss Stewart so we are hiding in Room 8 and we locked all the doors and we are not letting them in.


Market Day

Hi again,
With Market Day Karen we made a flyer and this is it:
Do You?

Room 8

This is a wordle that I made based on Room 8

Main Street 4

Hi again,
I would now like to describe a book called Main Street (number 4) by Ann M Martian
Come Join Flora, Ruby, Oliva and Nikki as they become part of a secret book club.
They must finish their first 2 books before they can find out who started the book club,
but will Ruby slow them down?
Read to find out what happens.
The End


Our Wiki

With our Wiki to show our epals around New Zealand Simone http://simoneslifelonglog.blogspot.com/  and I are doing Travel we are thinking of ways to show our epals great travel places like Queenstown, Bluff, Riverton . . .
I am really excited,
what do you think we could do????


Market day

Hi again, now I will tell you about Market day! I am doing it with Karen here is her blog http://karenmyross-karen.blogspot.com/ Check it out!!!
Any way we have such a cool market day stand ready in our heads, on our stand we have crafts and baking and lollies like toffee apples, sherbet, Cake raffles and lots and lots more. . .
Market day is going to be great!!!


17/3/11 Why do we blog?

Hi again I would love to tell you why we blog.
We blog to show what we are learning and have learnt,
Because if we have just written it in a book then what is the use? 
Only you, the teacher, and maybe your parents would be able to read it.
So I think that blogging is a great way to show your learning, and it is something you can keep forever, you can share your learning with people all over the world!!!


Books that I rekon you should read!

Hi again,
I just want to point out a few books that I rekon that you should read:
Main Street series,
Born to Run,
Famous Five series,
Judy Moody series.


Hi again,
Today we had a man from James Hargest, Mr Morland He came to see how we work the lit circles!
We also had school swimming, rooms 7&8 got to have fun today, tomorrow we are having swimming races.  We got our e-mails back from our epals, I loved finding out a bit more about Raquel! We were deciding how we can show our epals a bit more about New Zealand and Invercargill. I really can't wait until tomorrow (-;



We had Athletics on Wednesday the 9th of March we had so much fun, our relay teams did really well.
AND I got 1st in Discus!!!


Hi again, I'm now going to tell you about our epals, My epal is a girl named Raquel. We sent our first email to them, but we are waiting for a reply still. The epals are from America, Wisconsin in Suamico. I can't wait to learn more about where they live and how different it really is. I am really excited  to hear back from her.

Art Kiwiana Characters

For art with Mrs Wilcox we are making paper pulp people with kiwiana icons on them like a pavlova hat or some L&P in their hand or maybe some paua with them. We are in groups of three or four I am with Simone and Kaitlyn. We just need to add his kiwiana icons and skin on to him.